The Antidote to Filter Bubbles

We use AI to analyze and recommend news in ways never before possible so you can understand and break through your news filter bubble.

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We perform AI stance detection and topic analysis at a scale over 100X greater than the current state-of-the-art. This means you will get the context of thousands of articles from hundreds of international news sources, providing valuable context to every story.

Blindspot Monitor

Always get the complete picture with Rounded.News. Our AI examines your news browsing history to uncover gaps in your news coverage exposure and provides diverse viewpoints you may have missed. We ensure you are always informed on what’s going on.

User Control

We allow our users to have full control over how the algorithm directly impacts them. As a user, you can customize your feed to make it as generalized or personalized as desired, while still having access to insights on your filter bubbles and blindspots.

Limit your exposure to news bias

Have you heard about algorithmic bias in news? It is when the algorithms used by news platforms to curate content end up showing us only news stories that confirm our existing beliefs and values while excluding information that challenges our perspectives. This can lead to filter bubbles, where we only see a narrow range of viewpoints and miss out on important news and diverse perspectives. It’s important to be aware of this bias and actively seek out a variety of news sources and viewpoints to avoid getting trapped in a narrow worldview.


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